Revisiting The Truth

Gretchen Rossi and Jay Photoglou


Originally posted 9/11/09

A picture is worth a thousand words…Gretchen-Alexis2

This picture was taken in October 2008, in Newport Beach CA. It was a few days before Gretchen Rossi’s Birthday party. Gretchen was trying out costumes for Halloween to see people’s reactions to them. The day this picture was taken was the first time Gretchen had met Jim and Alexis Bellino. In this picture you can clearly see (as Alexis did) the ring finger tattoo “Gretchen”on Jay Photoglou’s finger. Alexis asked Gretchen why she was still wearing her engagement ring and about her ring finger tattoo “Jay” as well. Gretchen and Alexis sat for nearly 45 minutes while Gretchen explained her role on the show and answered Alexis’ questions. Gretchen told Alexis she was Jeff Beitzel’s caregiver.

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After Gretchen’s conversation with Tamra on last night’s show, claiming the pictures of her and Jay were from New Years, I thought it would be a good time to revisit the truth…or try and figure out just how many New Years they have spent together. You decide.
The pictures below were all taken prior to Season 4 being filmed. The first one was 3 weeks before Gretchen was asked to be on the show. The last 3 were taken 1 week after being asked.


This photo was taken on the day Jay met Slade and Jo for the first time and Slade asked Gretchen to be on the show. This picture was taken in March 2008 . (Jo and Slade are in the back in the picture)2march6th2008

June 15th, 2009 Gretchen writes in her blog,
“First of all let me state this very clearly, Tamra changes her story according to how it best suites her in that moment. I have honestly never met anyone so contradictory in my life (or someone that just plan [sic] lies to your face)”

In another blog she writes,
“No one will ever be able to truly understand or I will never be able to explain in right detail the last six months of my life. The pain, the tears, the hopelessness, the regret, the sorrow, the sleepless nights, the dreams, being angry at God, or the sad void in my soul.”
Let’s talk about contradiction

The following pictures were taken in the five months following Jeff’s death. I will never dispute the fact that Gretchen loved and cared about Jeff, these pictures however seem to contradict much of what she has written in her blog.

The dates on these pictures have been verified through their properties.october-x2-re


These pictures were taken during the week of  January 1-7, 2009 while on vacation at Bass Lake. This was 3 weeks before the filming of The Real Housewives of O.C. Reunion Show.



The truth
how quickly one forgets!

Originally posted on 9/3/09
I am just amazed how many people are drawn into their own conclusions simply based on what is written. So often I come across comments that say, ‘I just read Gretchen’s blog it all makes sense now.’ or ‘If you read Gretchen’s blog, it connects all the dots and just proves Tamra and Jay are lying.’ Why do we bother with a legal system when in fact one can play judge and jury based on “facts” that have no credibility, evidence or consistency to warrant their merit?

Gretchen starts her blog stating she feels “forced to address the lies.” She apologizes in advance for being “long winded.” Putting on her writing cap and badge of honor she announces she has “been QUIET for way too long and it’s about time the truth be told…

Now anyone who has seen the whole picture will quickly realize that there are many missing dots, so trying to connect them would only leave you with a distorted view.

Where to start, I close my eyes and point…
Story #6 -ahhh…the infamous restraining order and court date

“Tamra having to show up in court! What a flipping joke this one is. For the record I didn’t just NOT show up for my own court case. I DROPPED the case the day before it was even heard in court.”

The case was called to order, however it was not heard…as there was no complaining party present. The case was dismissed with prejudice on May 15th, 2009. The court date? That was May 15th, 2009 as well. The courts were informed 30 minutes prior to the scheduled hearing time that Rossi would not be attending.

“That was from advice of my attorney, as Jay told his own attorney he didn’t care if I got a restraining order against him, which lead me to believe all he wanted was a media circus and I was not about to allow my serious concerns to be made a mockery out of in the press.”

First of all, with all due respect, who drops a restraining order against a stalker/media whore who has threatened their life? How seriously concerned could one be? Seriously? Now to address the “media circus,” somebody had requested a media pass to video at the Forward-Rossi/Photoglou trial scheduled for May 15, 2009….hint, it was not Jay. Here and here you can see the official request and the Notice Of Ruling, which ironically was sent to both Evolution Media and Gretchen Forward-Rossi. You can also catch an interview that oh-so-media-concious Gretchen did with People TV WATCH.

“I was going to drop the case per my attorney’s advice. Jay had already violated the Temporary Restraining Order once and it became obvious a piece of paper was not going to protect me from what he was consistently doing.”

Again, who drops a restraining order against a stalker/media whore who has threatened their life and has already violated the TRO?? _interview-w_security-Here is a copy of the investigation done in regards to the Temporary Restraining Order Violation. No, there’s not more. Yes, this is it. Didn’t Slade Smiley also file for a restraining order against Jay Photoglou and had it denied…but then wasn’t he the one that also served Jay on behalf of Gretchen? Just to be sure I’m not missing a huge clue here, this basically says Slade walks into a restaurant, having seen Jay’s truck outside, he is aware that Jay is there. Instead of leaving, in fear of his and Gretchen’s safety, he tells Security “that guy” has to go. He walks away to call the Police, retrieve get paper work and Gretchen. As he and Gretchen approach the bar, 55 feet away from Photoglou, he informs Security he has called the Police and again states “that guy” has to go because they were afraid of him. Jay noted to Security he was there first, much to the lovey dovey terrified couple’s dismay they must wait for the Police. The Police arrive 15 minutes later and interviewed both parties one at a time. Jay is heard telling the Police he doesn’t want any problems. Long story short, Jay was there first if you are afraid leave!! Witnesses that night also say Smiley and Rossi had eventually moved from the bar and had planted themselves about 10 to 15 feet away from where Jay was sitting with his friends. Violated? Rumor has it, the Judge does not take kindly to those who abuse Restraining Orders.

Wow, that’s a lot of dots. And to think we didn’t even get through a whole “Story.” No worries, we’ll get there.

“Something sounds fishy to me there.”

You got that right Gretchen!

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Originally posted 9/16/09
A leopard never changes its spots.
~Gretchen Rossi

As we continue to address Gretchen’s blog, please take a moment to read the 1st part of  The Truth Be Told “Story #6 if you have not done so already.

Now, where were we…

“Jay is not someone I choose to be around anymore or have in my life especially after the very sick and shallow things he has done to defame Jeff’s and my relationship.”

Exactly, what has he done to defame you? Telling lies? Stalking you? You have and continue to prove you are capable of doing that yourself, you have made a mockery out of your relationship. Season 4 is over Gretchen, yet you continue to live vicariously through your character. You live in a make believe world, complete with a make believe Prince Charming (and 2.5 million dollars.)

“I made a poor choice to be-friend someone that obviously took advantage of my friendship by stealing from me, barrowing [sic] money he never paid back, and using my name to bring his into the limelight.”

A poor choice? You think? Your poor choice however, was not “be-friending” Jay Photoglou. You made a bad choice by going on National Television portraying yourself as a victim. You made a bad choice denying you were in a relationship with Jay. You made a bad choice when you accused him of touching you inappropriately. You made a bad choice when you filed a Temporary Restraining Order against him. The only evidence you had to back any of this up came in the form of, well, conflicting tales.

Do you really believe Jay used your name simply to bring his into the limelight? Flatter yourself much? Step out of your make believe world…if only for a minute and explain the following.

actualresponse real_housewivesof_orange_county_-_response_to_june_10_email-4 response2

Jay clearly demands, more than once that his name or any reference of him not be used in any way. Who would go in search of the type of media attention that has been created?

Again, the season is far but over, yet your actions  have left an effect on many people. You made the choice to publicly make these accusations, Mr. Photoglou has every right to defend himself publicly.

You chose money, greed and fame. You chose to put others reputations and character on the line. Put your big girl panties on and tell the truth, apologize….or let the courts decide.

Keep reaching for the stars gorgeous, but remember…the higher you get, the greater the fall. Prince Charming does not have a great track record of being there for his kids, what makes you think he’ll be there for you? Remember Gretchen, a leopard never changes its spots.


On a side note, O.K, a big observation. I find it a bit ironic that Bravo
did a Press Release yesterday…with Gretchen questioning if she coped
well with Jeff’s death
…hours before “Scandals & Secrets of Reality
TV Shows”
is due to be released. Check back for details!!! ;)

Originally posted 10/12/09
“She tries so hard to convince the world she is always being truthful because every other word out of her mouth is a bullsh.. two faced lie.”
~Gretchen Rossi

gretchyI hate liars and given the opportunity, I love calling them out on it! Lets take a trip down memory lane and revisit “Story #6″ on Gretchen Rossi’s blog. 

Gretchen writes on her blog→ “Story #6 Tamra having to show up in court! What a flipping joke this one is. For the record I didn’t just NOT show up for my own court case. I DROPPED the case the day before it was even heard in court……I not only texted her the night before but then again the morning confirming that the case had been withdrawn. Tamra knew the case had been taken off calendar because Jay’s attorney would have called all the people who Jay wanted to testify the night before to let them know. But low and behold guess who still shows up to court……Tamra. Then surprise surprise she talks to press and spins her lies again, claiming she found it very strange that I didn’t show up for this case, when she knew damn well the day before I was dropping the case and the reasons for it. Then Tamra goes on to say that it “shows my real character”, and all she wants to do is “tell the truth”. So where was the truth in any of that? I was like is she serious? She flat out lied again, says one thing to me and another to the press. The funniest part is she actually made me believe that she was concerned for me for a minute in our exchange of texts. I fell for her two-faced B.S. again. Oh and she was the only witness that showed up to court, all the other people Jay was calling to the stand didn’t show up. Something sounds fishy to me there.”

There has been so much debate surrounding the infamous court case. The following email was written by Jay’s attorney, I think it clearly states what really happened and hopefully will put those (uh-hem) rumors, allegations and lies to rest.  Click mage below to view


The day prior to this hearing, attorney’s for both parties had met. It was after this meeting that Jay was told by his attorney Gretchen was ‘working on the wording for a public apology.’ (there was never a public apology) Although Jay’s attorney states he required Tamra’s presence in court, Gretchen makes it clear there was no need for her to show up because she had “texted her the night before…” Is Gretchen an attorney too? Would this be considered witness tampering? Gretchen, also states Tamra was the only witness that showed up to court. According to the attorney, there were a total of over 10 witnesses, 5 of which were present and 6 others, police officers (yes, police officers) placed on a 1 hour “on-call” status.
Damn lies, they always catch up to you…sooner or later!As Jay’s attorney said, I hope this provides the clarification you were seeking…. :)