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*psssst….part 4 of Don’t Judge…There’s A Story Behind It → coming soon!!!

Remember last week I did a post entitled, Snagged At Sea? Included in it were details of my encounter with a shark Pitbull. A freak accident that involved his tooth, my thigh, a trip to E.R. and stitches. There are a few people that think I’m a freak as well (o.k. maybe that’s not such a news flash!) because 2 days later ‘Paulie’ a.k.a. the shark Pitbull and I started our 5 day bonding session, alone. I had already committed to dog sitting him and never had second thoughts about following through with that commitment. It wasn’t a malicious act, I have known him since he was a puppy and I knew we’d be just fine, (well, I did pray really hard that we would be…just sayin’) and we were.

Here are a few pictures that I took with my cell phone, there are about 4,261 more but we’ll just start with these. Your welcome!

As I sit on the pool steps (because I can’t get my stitches wet) Paulie joins me, gently resting his paw on my hand as if he were saying, friends? My heart may have skipped a beat.


Another day while relaxing on a lounge chair, (did I mention I couldn’t go into the pool because of my stitches?) I was sleeping on my tummy and opened my eyes to this. He was standing at my head, resting his next to mine. Precious, I know. He had a ball in his mouth and was waiting patiently.

After a few days I was finally able to down size from a body cast to a bandage. (I’m totally kidding) (kinda) This is something Paulie did every morning, although he seemed particularly interested on this day. My guess is because it was more accessible sans cast. He is checking my shark bite sore. Awww…Paulie!



I knew he meant no harm and did not intentionally hurt me, and these past few days only confirmed that. There was never a moment I questioned his next move or felt uneasy. I think he actually went above and beyond to show his remorse, and he succeeded. (How many sharks can you say that about?) Although I obviously would have preferred to forgo being ‘snagged,’ I can’t think of a happier ending!
I get my stitches out tomorrow, and soon there will be little or no evidence of the shark attack encounter. However, the memories, lessons, trust and bond will remain infinitely!

(Did I mention, as of tomorrow I can go back in the pool?)

*Update- within weeks after this incident, I returned back…to live! Paulie is the best roommate ever!!!

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