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Have you heard??? Rumor has it Gretchen and Alexis got the boot!  

Star‘s sources say Rossi got in trouble with producers during the just-finished season 8 because of her lack of storyline. And as Star previously reported, she even made up her engagement to Slade Smiley to stay relevant on the show. But sources say it didn’t work!
Gretchen sobbed on the reunion show in August after her co-stars asserted that her engagement was phony.

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I’m in shock!!!

Gretchen’s engagement party was sooo much fun! I couldn’t make it. (maybe I was filming the Swamp People) O.k. truth be told, I wasn’t even invited. It looked like it was fun, or at least beautifully decorated! I loved the detail…all the pics of the lovebirds…and this…the timeline for their first date and first I love you!

I remember their first year anniversary, OMG how time flies!

Well this was a bit confusing since Jeff had passed away in September ’08. Six months would be March…at least on my calendar!

So seriously? Was it 6 months or 9 months??? (don’t you hate it when you’re 3 months off on important dates in your life?) So was it March or June?

Jeff passed away in September ’08 and according to this court document, Rossi and Photoglou dated from January ’08 to February ’09. Hmmmm… That cute little engagement party timeline confirms G & S did not start dating in March OR June, but in February. February 9th to be exact! (which happened to be the exact date Jay and Gretchen’s relationship ended.)

I had wrote about this in February 2010. And ya, I was compelled to ‘go there’ again when I saw the date that she had, at her party, (that I wasn’t invited to) because in the big picture, it all boils down to one thing…

cred· i· bil· i· ty

[kred-uh-bil-i-tee] noun
the quality of being believable or worthy of trust

Perhaps they will get a calendar as a wedding gift. A cute one…with 12 months.

On last week’s reunion show, Alexis talks about being out on a boat with Gretchen and Jay. (for the record, Gretchen is like this with a lot of her guy friends) (oh, and is nervous to even be out in public now) Could this be the boat trip Alexis was referring to?

The Bellino’s? Mmmm hmmm!
Jay? Yep!
Gretchen? For sure!
Boat? Oh ya!
Behavior they were a couple? Ya think?!

Ohhh…and is that a tattoo on Jay’s ring finger?
Click on picture for larger view

P.S. I used to have those socks, ka-yute!!

Gretchen Rossi and Jay Photoglou


The National Enquirer reports…

Expect a real courtroom drama for GRETCHEN ROSSI and her “Real Housewives of Orange County” co-stars if her ex-boyfriend JAY PHOTOGLOU has his way!

After three years of slugging it out in an ugly “he said/she said” legal battle over their relationship, the two are set to face off in a civil trial, and sources say Jay plans to subpoena several of Gretchen’s former and current castmates to testify against her.

“RHOC” stars TAMRA BARNEY, PEGGY TANOUS, LYNNE CURTIN and are among those expected to take the stand, and if they do, they’ll have to tell the truth about when Gretchen’s romance with Jay actually began.

The blonde bombshell claims to have been engaged to millionaire JEFF BEITZEL when she joined “RHOC” in early 2008. Beitzel was suffering from leukemia at the time, and died in September 2008.

Their relationship and Gretchen’s tender bedside care for Beitzel as his health deteriorated was a major part of her story line during her inaugural season on Bravo’s “RHOC” in 2008.

Gretchen insists Jay, who works in the auto industry, was nothing more than a “family friend” back then, while he contends that he was Gretchen’s real-life boyfriend during filming. In 2009, he even told The ENQUIRER: “She (Gretchen) spent her days at the hospital with her dying fiance, but her nights with me.”

Not so, says Gretchen. In 2009 she declared that “Jay Photoglou is nothing more than a thief and liar. Jay and I had a short-lived relationship BEFORE Jeff and I dated.”

Soon after, Gretchen filed a restraining order against Jay — he says to keep him quiet. That was dismissed, and Gretchen was ordered to pay his attorney’s fees.

But then he slapped her with a civil lawsuit for defamation, and she hit back with a countersuit. With their civil trial looming, Gretchen recently gave a deposition in which she changed her story about when she actually met Jay. She also admitted that she spent time with Jay on at least four separate occasions after she got engaged to her now-deceased fiance. But when pressed further by Jay’s attorney, she clammed up.

“No matter what, Gretchen is not going to like it when her fellow housewives have to spill the beans about her relationship with Jay Photoglou,” said an insider. “I’m sure no matter what they say, it won’t help Gretchen’s case.”

Is this the moment we’ve all been waiting for…the moment of truth?
Check back soon, this is getting really good!

Update on Jay Photoglou and Gretchen Rossi…

History repeats itself?
Gretchen Rossi once again failed to show up for her scheduled September 8th Debtor’s Exam court date. If you recall, she was a no show as well in April 2010 and a bench warrant was issued. Yesterday’s judge issued a warrant for her arrest at $2,500. It has been continued until September 15, if she fails to appear by then…looks like she will be arrested.

On a side note, I wonder if Lynne Curtin does designer cuffs, handcuffs?

I have had a few inquiries requesting updates on Jay Photoglou and Gretchen Rossi.

Gretchen is scheduled to appear for a the debtor is ordered to appear in Court
to answer the judgment creditor’s questions
about the existence and location of their salary,
bank accounts, property, and anything else
that could be used to pay the judgment…
debtor’s examination on September 8th. Although this is a different order, it is the same procedure she was scheduled to appear for in April 2010. If you recall, Gretchen did not show up, and a bench warrant was issued.

I believe Rossi is also scheduled to be in court on that same day regarding the lawsuit filed by, Ron Ann Myers, her former make up artist and business associate.

Busy day!

Oh puleeze!

Gretchen Rossi of the Bravo hit television series Real Housewives of Orange County, is asking a judge to muzzle her ex-boyfriend, Jay Photoglou from talking to the media about their ongoing legal battle, in which they are both suing each other for defamation, libel, among the claims.
Rossi is seeking a protective order which would prevent Jay from discussing or disclosing “any information obtained through pretrial discovery, including her deposition,” the court docs state.

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