Originally posted 9/16/09
A leopard never changes its spots.
~Gretchen Rossi

As we continue to address Gretchen’s blog, please take a moment to read the 1st part of  The Truth Be Told “Story #6 if you have not done so already.

Now, where were we…

“Jay is not someone I choose to be around anymore or have in my life especially after the very sick and shallow things he has done to defame Jeff’s and my relationship.”

Exactly, what has he done to defame you? Telling lies? Stalking you? You have and continue to prove you are capable of doing that yourself, you have made a mockery out of your relationship. Season 4 is over Gretchen, yet you continue to live vicariously through your character. You live in a make believe world, complete with a make believe Prince Charming (and 2.5 million dollars.)

“I made a poor choice to be-friend someone that obviously took advantage of my friendship by stealing from me, barrowing [sic] money he never paid back, and using my name to bring his into the limelight.”

A poor choice? You think? Your poor choice however, was not “be-friending” Jay Photoglou. You made a bad choice by going on National Television portraying yourself as a victim. You made a bad choice denying you were in a relationship with Jay. You made a bad choice when you accused him of touching you inappropriately. You made a bad choice when you filed a Temporary Restraining Order against him. The only evidence you had to back any of this up came in the form of, well, conflicting tales.

Do you really believe Jay used your name simply to bring his into the limelight? Flatter yourself much? Step out of your make believe world…if only for a minute and explain the following.

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Jay clearly demands, more than once that his name or any reference of him not be used in any way. Who would go in search of the type of media attention that has been created?

Again, the season is far but over, yet your actions  have left an effect on many people. You made the choice to publicly make these accusations, Mr. Photoglou has every right to defend himself publicly.

You chose money, greed and fame. You chose to put others reputations and character on the line. Put your big girl panties on and tell the truth, apologize….or let the courts decide.

Keep reaching for the stars gorgeous, but remember…the higher you get, the greater the fall. Prince Charming does not have a great track record of being there for his kids, what makes you think he’ll be there for you? Remember Gretchen, a leopard never changes its spots.


On a side note, O.K, a big observation. I find it a bit ironic that Bravo
did a Press Release yesterday…with Gretchen questioning if she coped
well with Jeff’s death
…hours before “Scandals & Secrets of Reality
TV Shows”
is due to be released. Check back for details!!! ;)