Originally posted 10/12/09
“She tries so hard to convince the world she is always being truthful because every other word out of her mouth is a bullsh.. two faced lie.”
~Gretchen Rossi

gretchyI hate liars and given the opportunity, I love calling them out on it! Lets take a trip down memory lane and revisit “Story #6″ on Gretchen Rossi’s blog. 

Gretchen writes on her blog→ “Story #6 Tamra having to show up in court! What a flipping joke this one is. For the record I didn’t just NOT show up for my own court case. I DROPPED the case the day before it was even heard in court……I not only texted her the night before but then again the morning confirming that the case had been withdrawn. Tamra knew the case had been taken off calendar because Jay’s attorney would have called all the people who Jay wanted to testify the night before to let them know. But low and behold guess who still shows up to court……Tamra. Then surprise surprise she talks to press and spins her lies again, claiming she found it very strange that I didn’t show up for this case, when she knew damn well the day before I was dropping the case and the reasons for it. Then Tamra goes on to say that it “shows my real character”, and all she wants to do is “tell the truth”. So where was the truth in any of that? I was like is she serious? She flat out lied again, says one thing to me and another to the press. The funniest part is she actually made me believe that she was concerned for me for a minute in our exchange of texts. I fell for her two-faced B.S. again. Oh and she was the only witness that showed up to court, all the other people Jay was calling to the stand didn’t show up. Something sounds fishy to me there.”

There has been so much debate surrounding the infamous court case. The following email was written by Jay’s attorney, I think it clearly states what really happened and hopefully will put those (uh-hem) rumors, allegations and lies to rest.  Click mage below to view


The day prior to this hearing, attorney’s for both parties had met. It was after this meeting that Jay was told by his attorney Gretchen was ‘working on the wording for a public apology.’ (there was never a public apology) Although Jay’s attorney states he required Tamra’s presence in court, Gretchen makes it clear there was no need for her to show up because she had “texted her the night before…” Is Gretchen an attorney too? Would this be considered witness tampering? Gretchen, also states Tamra was the only witness that showed up to court. According to the attorney, there were a total of over 10 witnesses, 5 of which were present and 6 others, police officers (yes, police officers) placed on a 1 hour “on-call” status.
Damn lies, they always catch up to you…sooner or later!As Jay’s attorney said, I hope this provides the clarification you were seeking…. :)