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So True So False Real Housewives Scandals
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Did Gretchen Rossi and Jay Photoglou have their names tattooed on each others ring fingers? Although Gretchen has claimed  she has always had a ring finger tattoo with Jeff Beitzel’s name, there was never a tattoo visible during the show. These pictures are interesting, to say the least!!
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This picture was taken 10/17/2008, the date can be confirmed in the camera properties.


This was taken at a premier party I threw for Gretchen at i lounge in O.C. right after the Bravo party at Sutra that Bravo threw, it was taken on 11/25/2008.


This one was submitted by Gretchen to a reporter who was going to break the RING FINGER story. Gretchen stated she has always had a ring finger tattoo, but with Jeff’s name. The address in the background  was Slade’s address. Slade did not move in until Jan 2008, this picture is dated March 2007. *Interesting her nails are identical in both pictures…23 months apart.


With a newspaper date of February 2009, this picture was submitted to the same reporter, who pointed out to Gretchen there were pictures of her and I with her having NO RING finger tattoo.  Gretchen said she no longer had a tattoo. This is not true, she does still have a tattoo!
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UPDATED August 5th 4:30



“I was in Bass lake for more than one day dispite what Gretchen has said on the Lost Footage episode. I rescinded my release in July/Aug. After I found out (Jan 31st 2009) that what was filmed on the reunion show. I called production and confirmed, that I rescinded my consent and that there were lies told on camera about me at that filming. I was told what lies were told, and by who, via text from Gretchen to me (I still have those texts, and phone records including the one from Gretchen’s parents that lasted over an hour as they hadn’t heard from her all day and were concerned. I filled them in as to what had happend on the taping). I was also asked by Gretchen if I was sure I rescinded my release with Evolution via text that same day.”


BRAVOD is airing the “Lost Footage” of O.C. Housewives episode TODAY @ 2:00 p.m. and is airing on BRAVO at 5:00 p.m. PST
Why does Gretchen tell Tamra that ‘You don’t know what Jeff and my relationship was?’ Does that mean it wasn’t what it appeared? Just saying…