Originally posted 9/11/09

A picture is worth a thousand words…Gretchen-Alexis2

This picture was taken in October 2008, in Newport Beach CA. It was a few days before Gretchen Rossi’s Birthday party. Gretchen was trying out costumes for Halloween to see people’s reactions to them. The day this picture was taken was the first time Gretchen had met Jim and Alexis Bellino. In this picture you can clearly see (as Alexis did) the ring finger tattoo “Gretchen”on Jay Photoglou’s finger. Alexis asked Gretchen why she was still wearing her engagement ring and about her ring finger tattoo “Jay” as well. Gretchen and Alexis sat for nearly 45 minutes while Gretchen explained her role on the show and answered Alexis’ questions. Gretchen told Alexis she was Jeff Beitzel’s caregiver.

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