Gretchen confides on her latest blog entry on BravoTV that she struggles with her blog each week because stories are often misconstrued. She often ends up with lengthy entries just so she is able to explain herself, which I’m sure is a task in itself. Why not do a video blog? Not only is it to the point, it could it save hours of time precious time! Additionally, it would be much harder to misconstrue something that is documented on video. :) Of course, there is always the option of adding a few sentences here and there as well.

Ex boyfriend? I have to admit this video is a little confusing. In this official police report, dated February 11th…11 days after the above video was taped, Jay Photoglou is listed as Gretchen Rossi’s boyfriend…

In this court document, Gretchen refers to Jeff Beitzel as to her current “situation.” Who calls a relationship a situation?




If the pictures were stolen, wouldn’t they have been removed after this letter and this letter were issued by Gretchen’s attorneys?

“I’m just so confused and I was living it.”
~Gretchen Rossi

Uh sorry, but how do you think we feel…
Maybe video blogs aren’t for everyone!