If you have not done so already, read the previous post, Tonight’s The Night ….it’s the only hope of having any sort of clarity to this madness!
Night 1- with my miracle bar of soap attached to my left leg (which is much more prone to RLS) I go to bed anticipating my first good nights sleep in forever. Face is washed, teeth are brushed and I am in my most comfy P.J.’s ever. I lay in bed waiting, analyzing, praying….eventually falling into a deep, peaceful sleep. It worked! A flippin’ $1.97 bar of soap. Two hours later I awake to my right leg flip flopping to and fro, I had the creepy crawlys, I had the whole nine yards. So I did what any logical person would do, I grabbed me another bar of soap, rubbed my leg down with it and attached it with a bandanna! Within 30 minutes I was back to sleep. Now anyone who suffers from this “problem” knows once it (the creepy crawlys) starts it can last a few hours or the whole night long. So now I’m thinking this $1.97 bar of soap really is a miracle!
Night 2- All hell breaks loose in both my legs before I am even able to attach my little miracle soaps. I cry. I am doomed for the night. As I wipe away the crocodile tears, I put on my new little anklets. I prepare for the worst but hope for the best. I lay down, I am miserable. I try to relax  waiting for the soap to kick in….or for someone to shoot me. I am now passing the time staring at my toes guessing which one will twitch next and for how long, they are all flickering simultaneously now so the game is no longer amusing! I decide to go online, I am going to announce to the world this soap thing is a hoax. I have two bars of soap (at $1.97 each) and I still have legs flip flopping to and fro, creepy crawlys and twitching toes. Well…as luck would have it I somehow came across a website with a post that explains what to do if the RLS has already progressed. (WTF?) It said to gently rub the soap onto the bottom of your feet and then let it rest there for about 3 minutes. Guess what? It worked! Honest to God…the rest of the night was drama free and I slept like a baby!!!
Night 3- I ditched the bandannas and placed by bars of soap under the sheets…like they had originally said to do. My anxiety level was quite high as I prepared for bed as I just didn’t know what to expect. Although it took me awhile to fall asleep, I slept like a baby. Yahoo!!! There were a few times I felt a ‘sensation’ in my legs but no flip flopping to and fro, no creepy crawlys, no twitching toes. The verdict is in, I am a believer!!

These are a few other home ‘remedies’ I have tried…and that was just in the past week. Aside from the Vodka (*wink*) the soap wins. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence,  mind over matter or if I’m just crazy. My kids think it’s the latter….that’s o.k., for now I’m elated, I’m trading in my RLS for REM!!

Night 4- Perfect nights sleep!!! :)
One month later- sleeping like a baby! ;)
Three and a half months later…still smiling! :)