I suffer almost every night with (RLS) Restless Leg Syndrome. Those creepy crawly feelings you get just as you are nodding off to la la land. You are almost a joke to watch sleep as your legs are flip flopping to and fro. If you were actually awake you may have a great chance in So You Think You Can Dance. It is a horrible, frustrating and steals precious nights of sleep from you.
So, my mom comes by today and in passing mentions a ‘remedy’ she had read in our local newspaper, a remedy for RLS. She mentions it in passing perhaps because she doesn’t realize how severe this has gotten. I grab her by the shoulders and shake her, “What paper mom, when, what did it say….where the hell is it?” Well it sorta didn’t happen exactly like that but you got the picture.
So she begins to enlighten me with her new RLS knowledge. I laugh for a half a second. You are my mom, wtf are you talking about, this is thee most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. “Hear me out” she says. I oblige. Supposedly, if you lay a bar of soap under your sheet near where your leg rests, you will no longer suffer leg cramps or the creepy crawlys of RLS. Now I have tried just about everything (including trying to numb my leg with anbesol) so I figure…..seriously, why not! I decide to take it a step further. God forbid that bar of soap gets away from my creepy crawly leg. I must take extra precautions!

I am not too sure how, or if this is going to work but I am going to give it a damn good try!! According to the “extensive” research I have done, it does really work. How simple would that be…..how amazing would that be….I’ll let you know!! I need a good nights sleep and it could just be Tonight’s The Night!!!

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