Ever been so busy doing nothing that you don’t have time for anything? It seems like that’s how life has been lately. Why does that happen and where does time go?

My oldest was out from Arizona last weekend visiting. Both of my son’s are wine enthusiast’s, so Saturday we took a few hours and went wine tasting. We were joined by my future daughter-in-law, my mom and some good friends. I meant to take lots of pictures, but, apparently I spent more time “tasting” and visiting than snapping! My son wont be visiting us anymore….because he is moving back home to California in two weeks!! It has been in the works for a bit but as of yesterday, it’s official. I am beyond ecstatic. You know this means my grand-doggers, Daisee and Lilee will be spoiled rotten…even more! I have even more exciting news but I’m biting my lip for a few more days, it’s not easy. Curious? Check back cause it is good! (really good) (great even!)

I have been doing really good managing my O.C.D. It is a daily battle, but I pluck battle away. It feels good to have the upper hand and be able to keep things under control. (yea me!) I have to, once again thank everyone for their encouragement, love and support. (yea you!)

Guess who’s a Twitterer now? Me! MySpace, Facebook, now Twitter…and I wonder where my time goes! Here I thought I was the only non-Twitterer left in cyberspace, little did I know. Very few of my friends Twit, or even know what Twitting is, so it gets a bit lonely out there. Do you Twitter? Hee-hee

Don’t forget to check back soon for my lip biting, hard to keep secret, really good, even great news!!