They say dreams have significant meaning. I’m not even going to try and figure this one out…

• While I was shopping, my purse was stolen. My cell phone is now gone and my keys were used to steal my car. I was so traumatized I lost my voice and my face was partially paralyzed. The store’s security guard assured me this was perfectly normal.

• My phone was some how returned a few days later. It was covered in shaving creme, I cleaned it up and it still worked. I am constantly getting harassing calls, my friend’s brother “Greg” offers to answer the phone for me and Beatbox until the calls stop.

• I am walking with my Chihuahua and see a huge boat shaped pinata. A lady breaks it open, it is filled with beach chairs. To my surprise, my dog congratulates the lady…she told me all Chihuahua’s talk at 6 months.

• I get back to the house I had just moved into, I decide my new neighbor “Rob” wouldn’t mind if I borrowed his Porsche. It was an automatic until I disengaged the bobble heads, now it’s a stick. I don’t know how to drive a stick and am stuck in the middle of the street. A couple help me get the car back to “Rob.” He is waiting for me out front in toddler sized P.J.’s and asks me how is is supposed to explain to “Georgette” why he is so late for their date.

• The couple present me with a $700.00 bill for helping. The lady tells me she will waive part of it it I do a Playboy photo shoot. The man tells me if I don’t pay all of it, he will kidnap my baby. I go to check on my baby, he/she asks why there is a photo shoot out by our pool.

• An old friend “Odette” knocks on my door and asks if I had a room available to try on clothes and if there was still a 3 minute time limit. My Chihuahua tells her yes.

• I take “Rob” a peace offering of a dozen deviled eggs, he takes two and hands them to “Georgette.”

• I adopt newborn quintuplets, 3 boys and 2 girls. My dog has quintuplets, 3 boys and 2 girls.

• I win $25,000.00 on a game show that you must twirl as you give the answer. I quit my job. They give me a Rodeo themed going away party consisting of 1 taco, 6 doughnuts and several slurpees.

• I find homes for all my German Shepard sized puppies.

• I see on the news there is a horrible storm on the coast and it is being evacuated. I load up my boat, take the quintuplets to preschool and head to the beach for a sail….in my 18 wheeler.

Anyone want to analyze me?? Be nice now….