With American Idol season back in full swing, I thought it would be the perfect time to do a Blast From The Past featuring my famous Excuse Me, Pardon Me, Get Out Of My Way story.
Originally posted Jan. 31, 2009

Reality Bytes- Part 3


I easily become addicted to this show each and every year. I’m not so big on the whole audition thing…although I never miss a minute. I already have my favorites, as usual they won’t even make it through the first week “Hell Week” in Hollywood. Then I will pick a few more favorites, one may make it to the top 10, the others will be on Dr. Drews Celebrity Rehab in 2010 and I will be the only one that even remembers them. I will have it be known, I did call Ruben Studdard the winner after seeing his audition….Ruben who?
I’m really liking the new judge Kara DioGuardi, she is….well, normal. She looks like a brunette version of Holly Madison from “The Girls Next Door” Ya think? Maybe not so much in these pictures, but pay attention. You’ll find yourself going, “yep, Heidi was right!”twins Randy is cool, a little too cool unless your name is DAWG. I will have to Google it, but I bet he is somehow responsible for the songs, “Who Let The Dawgs Out,” “The Dawg And The Butterfly,” “Black Dawg,” “Atomic Dawg,” “You Aint Nothing But A Hound Dawg,” etc… And Paula, well I do like her when she’s there, both physically and mentally. Physically, she’s a trooper and very dependable. Mentally, not so much. Ding-dong! I like Simon, from a distance. He is brutally honest, but does have a soft side to him. I am hoping perhaps Kara will step up to the plate and take that man shopping for some manly man shirts. (but don’t tell him I said that!!!)
I get tickets each season right around the time #4 gets the boot. I have actually only gone once, Season 3…barely. X amount of tickets are given out for each show. It states on the ticket that if you are unable to attend to call the number provided. My guess would be so they actually know what kind of turn out they will have and be prepared. Taping starts at blah, blah. Get there by blah, blah. Be in line by blah, blah. I was so excited to go. A) I love the show. B) It would make for a nice afternoon out. We were right on time to leave the house, with minutes to spare. For sure we would be there by blah, blah. Of course that would be too easy. Just before we left I had a full blown panic attack and it was a doozy. We finally got out the door, but not by blah, blah. We were indeed running late. Not a problem I thought, I’ll just call the number on the ticket and tell them what happened, they will understand and save us a seat. Alright, humor me…it sounded logical at the time. I called back a bit later and gave the nice guy an update as to how close we were getting. As if he freaking cared!!!!!
→ (O.K. this is where the story gets good)
We arrive with a mere 300 or so people preceding us in line. It’s not looking good. While standing in the hot, noisy, long, line we meet a few other suckers. (all in front of us at least) I was really surprised how far some of these people drove without a guarantee of even getting in, although, our hour drive seemed like forever. After about a 30 minute wait, there was an announcement. “Do to an unexpected guest performing tonight, and the number of V.I.P tickets that were needed….we will not be able to accommodate (all you nobody’s) as many people as we had anticipated. We apologize. This cannot affect me, after all I had called, twice. I had a panic attack, I talked to somebody, I told them how close we were. Surely there are seats being save for us!!! The next recollection I have they are making another announcement. “Thank you for coming. We are filled to our capacity. We apologize.” Dear God, I did not have a panic attack for nothing. I looked at my boyfriend (who by the way was less than thrilled to be there to begin with) straight in the eye and said, “I am not leaving, I am going in there.” Many people had started leaving, many stayed, more left. Another announcement, “We will be letting 10 to 20 more people in shortly as seat fillers.” They continue, “You are not guaranteed to get a seat, you will be on stand by…just in case.” So…if someone goes potty during break, you sit in their chair until they are done. Lovely. At this point there are 167 people still ahead of us. Seeing how restless my boyfriend is getting, I reassure him I’m still not leaving. “Come on Heid…think about it, chances are….” “I am not leaving, I am going in there.”
As we stand at the end of the line, I begin my mission. I see two gentlemen towards the front of the line but off to the side. They have V.I.P. passes dangling from around their neck. They weren’t big guys, I’m thinking we can take them down, grab their passes and make a run for it. My boyfriend declined to help me. I do the next best thing. I step out of line parallel with them, across 167 people make eye contact with them, then make my move. I hold up two fingers, my secret signal letting them know there are two of us. OMG! They nod their heads and motion for us to come up to them. Standing tall and proud I grab my b/f’s hand, who at this time had no clue what was going on, and march past 167 people, 167 unhappy people. We follow these men to a door that leads us to the back entrance of the studio. Once inside, the four of us go through security and are escorted to our seats. At this point there had been no verbal communication at all with these guys. Because of their V.I.P. passes and the route we were led in I assumed they were American Idol staff, then they sat next to yrus. Still in shock over what had just transpired in a matter of minutes, I managed to utter the words thank you! They just smiled and said we hope you enjoy the show!! When I was finally able to speak again I told them until they sat down with us I thought they were with American Idol. The guy I was sitting next to said they worked on the lot but were on The Young And The Restless and just got done shooting. They were given four passes but two of the people couldn’t make it. “You just stood out” Ummm…yeah because I was stalking you! “You signaled there were two of you, and it just worked out.” Ummm…yeah cause I wasn’t leaving! I don’t watch The Young And The Restless so I had no clue who they were but they were my new best friends!!! We had a great time with them, they particularly liked the special appearance by Clay Aiken. *wink* We couldn’t thank them enough as we all walked out together and said goodbye. I’m pretty sure I skipped all the way back to the car, and sang too. Once settled and on our way home, I looked my boyfriend straight in the eye and said, “I told you I was going in there.” His reply, “I never really doubted it….I know you too well.”
Seriously, is that not a great story? You know it is! 4-stars4-stars