We are 10 months in to 2012, so far? No bueno.
My blog has been severely neglected, my camera collecting dust and the pages in my journals remain untouched. Though my passion for all remain, the desire has faded. I somehow lost a part of myself, the part that defines who I am…was.

Tragedy struck our family this last February, it really put life in perspective for me. With that being said, I have slowly started removing my blinders and rose colored glasses. I am seeing people and life’s situations more for who and what they really are. It has been both, a rude awakening and a pleasant surprise. As cool as I am with 2012 ending, it has offered a few good days hours moments days. Here’s a quick recap… (watch this be the shortest post in the history of the WWW!)
I took a mini vaca to Las Vegas, I so needed it and thoroughly enjoyed it! I’m not really a gambler, I do love me some Fremont Street though! The atmosphere, the photo op’s, great company…a change of pace! It was fun, but O EMMM GEEE was it hot!!!

Feline Frenzy…MEOW!! This would be one of the reasons that mini vaca was so needed! After befriending a feral cat, who’s meow appropriately earned her the name “Squeeks,” I realized she was pregnant. There are an abundance of feral cats around here, obviously their situations are less than ideal. I hoped and prayed when the time came, Squeeks would find a safe and quiet place to give birth. She did. In the bushes in my front yard. Truth be told, I shed a tear when I saw Eeny, Meeny, Miney and Mo. I now had 5 feral cats living amongst my Lily’s and Irises that I felt 100% responsible for. Because that wasn’t enough, another feral kitten (about 4 weeks old) literally appeared in the backyard a few days later. Who acquires 6 stray cats in less than a week? I do…that’s who!!! Because of some amazing people, (Benji, my God lambs family) this story does have a happy ending. They took in and fostered Squeeks, Eeny, Meeny, Miney and Mo!!! (I could NOT be any more grateful!!!) “Miracle” kitty was given a home within hours of her surprise visit!! MEOW!

My cousin from Chicago is now working out here in So Cali a week every month. (I wouldn’t have a life if it wasn’t for him. For real!!) We have done baseball games, (go Angels!!) (Hello Mike Trout!!) we saw Van Halen a few months ago, we go to dinner, we do cocktails…we laugh nonstop!!! I’m just going to put it out there, we are the S.H.I.T. and I adore him and the time we spend together!!!

I tried to spend as much time possible with my lil niece/BFF, Joey before…she started kindergarten in August! We have finally moved on from our days on the playground (thank you baby Jesus!) and have become quite the choreographers. Watch for our video debut which will include dances such as The Kitten, The Sunburn, The Stroke, Funky Turtle, Crazy Snap, The I Dunno, Just Drivin’ and many more…it’s sure to go viral! I absolutely cherish each and every moment with her… I love you Beans to the moon and back and back again!!!

Have I mentioned my obsession for dolphins? Ever? I recently went on another dolphin safari…one word, ABSOLUTELYFLIPPINGAMAZING!! The catamaran was less than 1/3 full, the weather was perfect and within minutes of leaving the marina we were surrounded. It was all I could do to compose myself. Actually, I’m not sure that I did. I think with some time and a little begging…maybe a few homemade cookies, they’ll forget about everything and let me come back! I kid. Kinda.

A friend had a get together this past weekend for our ‘group’ from high school. We have managed to do this about once a year for the last few years and it’s always a good time. Just about, if not all of us have been friends since we were 15 years old. We have shared so many memories together…good and bad. It blows me away that none of us have aged…like at all!

My oldest son turned 29 in August, my youngest hit 26 in September and I turned became a year older last week. My oldest and his beautiful wife will celebrate their 1st anniversary next month. I’m not quite sure how all of this is even remotely possible, considering…well…my age! I’m just going to put it out there…my kids are great and I could not be prouder! (except for the fact I don’t think they are being honest about the whole age thing!!) My son will hit another cancer free anniversary in just a few weeks…I am so blessed!!! (and young)

Not going to lie…I’m just as shocked as you are that this post consists of more than 4 sentences….or that there’s a post at all!! I hate to wish time away, and I am going to be thankful to move forward from 2012, but all and all it did offer a few good days hours moments days.