These past few weeks have been so emotionally, physically and mentally draining. Within 7 days, my mom lost her sister, my dad his brother. As much as I love them both, I was so close to my aunt and it had all become too overwhelming. I decided I needed to get away and take a mini vaca. What could be better than spending time at my best friend’s house on the beach?

Anybody that knows me well, knows I LOVE dolphins! I love just sitting, anticipating a dorsal fin or two to surface and am very seldom disappointed. This time was different, it was like nothing I have ever seen…and I think my aunt came back as a dolphin! LOL. They put on the most spectacular, hour long show for me, it was almost bizarre.
(click on picture for larger view)

As they were leaving, they dove down and splashed their tail fins as if they were waving good-bye. I have never witnessed anything like gave me a sense of peace.

Like I had always done, I picked up the phone to call my aunt and share my excitement..then I realized, she already knew! Love you Aunt Bobbie XOXO!!