Apparently, not even a reality ‘star‘/entrepreneur is above the law. When you’re ordered to pay over $22,000 in attorney fees and fail to do so, a bench warrant might be issued. When you finally do make good on your debt, you really can’t pick and choose who you’re going to pay it to either. It will eventually catch up to you! Unfortunately, it also appears that the legal system does not have preferred return customer policy. For example, if you are, once again ordered to pay at or around $40,000 in attorney fees, trying to have the judge disqualified probably wont work. Gosh…in the eyes of the law, you they really are no different than us ‘plain folk.’ That’s the reality.

Jay Photoglou vs. Gretchen Rossi

The Court has reviewed and consider Defendant Rossi’s motion to disqualify Judge Gregory Munoz from sitting as the presiding judge in the case entitled….The motion is denied….
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