Gretchen Rossi’s ex, Jay Photoglou was awarded $18,900.00 in legal fees connected to a restraining order case filed against him by the reality star last year. A judge dismissed the case and Photoglou won the right to seek attorney’s fees and costs to fight the order. After failing to satisfy the judgment, Gretchen was ordered to appear in court to provide information about her finances and assets.

Gretchen Rossi was a no show in court.
A bench warrant has been issued…

Update: RadarOnline reports “A lawyer from the firm Gretchen hired showed up in court and asked for a continuance because Gretchen’s lawyer was unavailable,” Jay’s lawyer, Orlando Castano Jr. told “Gretchen didn’t show up and the judge then issued a bench warrant for her arrest, holding it to give them the opportunity for her to come to court. She must show up next Thursday at 8:30 a.m.”