Part 2 of The Seal Whisperers, be sure to read part 1 here. Note this is The Seal Whisperer…there is no s, there was no Deanna. Just me, braving it on my own…

Meet Buenaventura, rescue number 2. After finding him, I put a call in to the other rescue unit (you know…protocol) I am sure they were extremely relieved to see me there, I’m sure. You never know when Slacker-the-sand-slinger might show up again!

However, I was a bit disappointed to see it was someone different assisting me with this rescue. I explained to them the pup was probably about 4 months old (he was bigger than Ace V.) and aside from exhaustion, was perfectly healthy. Listen and learn. They are weaned at about 6 weeks old, mom just leaves them to fend on their own.

Because they have not yet learned to hunt, they lose up to 1/2 their weight and become weak. They beach themselves to rest and then return to the water. I told them that is exactly what Buenaventura was doing.

I suggested We put up more CAUTION tape, and I assured them I would check on him a few times an hour. Not that that would necessarily be necessary…considering it was a male and it was still early afternoon.
B. Ventura slept well into the early evening. As the tide started coming up, he began to stir. Deanna had returned home from work and the other rescue lady showed up just about that time as well. It was decision time for the little fella. Is he rested enough to make his way back into the ocean like Ace V. did the day before? Will he simply move to higher ground to continue his slumber? Obvi, we would like to cheer him on, scream and yell, and coach him, as he finds his way back into the water. We would like to celebrate with a high five, a fist bump and a few tears, making our way home with a spring in our step and a smile on our face.
No, he wasn’t having it. As he yawned and wiggled around….B. Ventura made his way to higher grounds.

I checked on him as the sun came up only to find a small seal path that led directly to the water.  I took down the stakes and CAUTION tape…I felt the tears well up in my in my eyes as I made my way back to the house. Although we weren’t there to witness it, I am confident he did just fine on his own and our rescue was a success. I continued my walk with a smile on face and a spring in my walk…it felt good, really good…to be The Seal Whisperer! ;)