So PROUD to announce Rocky & Rosie finished in 2nd place with 697 votes!!! They will receive a 16″x20″ mounted, textured, retouched, and lacquered wedding portrait from Imagery Concepts Photography. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!!!!!!

My son’s wedding picture is in a contest. They have been in 1st place until this morning. A very good friend posted this on FB and asks in return that I share it with others! One VOTE can make a difference…it could be yours!

***Contest expires tonight at midnight and they’ve fallen to second place! We need 100+ votes ASAP! If you haven’t already will you vote JUST ONCE and SHARE this post?*** If you read this heartwarming story, you’ll FEEL GREAT to help!!! xoxo-Di

CAN I BUG YOU??? I need a favor. Not for me. For someone else. A “Pay it Forward” kinda thing. (One of my favorite movies of all time, BTW.) This favor won’t cost you one penny. You only need to do it ONCE. It will take literally one minute of your time. We’ve all got one minute for a RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS, right?

My friend, Heidi Ward-Mitchell’s son was diagnosed in 2006 with two types of testicular cancer, both rare, both aggressive. He’s been through so much and so has Heidi, as his mother. The GOOD NEWS is in October of 2008 he was reunited with his high-school sweetheart via Facebook. She stood by him during some really tough times and has helped him feel “whole” again. Loved again. Wanted. Worthy.

They were just married in November 2011. The link here is to a photo of their wedding and a CONTEST they’re in to get their wedding photos FOR FREE. THESE TWO DESERVE A GOOD TURN, A RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS… will you help?

You ONLY have to “Like” this ONCE. ONCE. Then I’ll NEVER EVER bug you again (about this – tee hee.)
They’re currently in SECOND PLACE. We need YOUR HELP to get them up by about 140 votes – ASAP. PLEASE… please please please… will you? Just ONCE! This will mean the world to them… and we need EACH and EVERY one of you. The contest ENDS January 15th!

Thank you for making a difference… giving a wonderful gift… to a young couple that deserves it. ♥ Blessings to you for helping! ♥

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Thank you!!!!