Gretchen’s engagement party was sooo much fun! I couldn’t make it. (maybe I was filming the Swamp People) O.k. truth be told, I wasn’t even invited. It looked like it was fun, or at least beautifully decorated! I loved the detail…all the pics of the lovebirds…and this…the timeline for their first date and first I love you!

I remember their first year anniversary, OMG how time flies!

Well this was a bit confusing since Jeff had passed away in September ’08. Six months would be March…at least on my calendar!

So seriously? Was it 6 months or 9 months??? (don’t you hate it when you’re 3 months off on important dates in your life?) So was it March or June?

Jeff passed away in September ’08 and according to this court document, Rossi and Photoglou dated from January ’08 to February ’09. Hmmmm… That cute little engagement party timeline confirms G & S did not start dating in March OR June, but in February. February 9th to be exact! (which happened to be the exact date Jay and Gretchen’s relationship ended.)

I had wrote about this in February 2010. And ya, I was compelled to ‘go there’ again when I saw the date that she had, at her party, (that I wasn’t invited to) because in the big picture, it all boils down to one thing…

cred· i· bil· i· ty

[kred-uh-bil-i-tee] noun
the quality of being believable or worthy of trust

Perhaps they will get a calendar as a wedding gift. A cute one…with 12 months.