As I stated in my previous post, “My new goal is to, at least once a week, practice a Random Act of Kindness. (R.A.K.) One that will put a smile on someone’s face or make their day a little brighter” I continued by saying, “I’m going to start today by paying a complete stranger a compliment.”
My intentions were good, really.
I was eager to start my afternoon, looking forward to accomplishing my goal and adding a ray of sunshine to someones day. My first stop was the gas station (getting gas, by the way is one of my biggest pet peeves) With a bargain price of $2.97 a gallon, I decided to stop at the first gas station I came to. It was hot outside, there were cars at every pump and I, of course ended up sandwiched in the slowest line. My patience were being tested but I just looked at everyone with the biggest damn smile you’ve ever seen. It was finally my turn, I took my wad of cash and went inside to pay. As I walked in, I see a familiar, middle aged man working behind the counter,

    FMAM: Hi, how are you today? (smiling)
    Me: Good, it’s always nice to see your smiling face! («compliment!)
    FMAM: You’re looking nice and cool, very refreshed.
    Me: It is hot outside, but I like it….I’m enjoying the last of warm days.
    FMAM: You should have worn shorts.
    Me: (hmmm…) Yeah, well….it’s not that bad.

We finish our transaction,

    Me: Thank you so much, have a great day!
    FMAM: Thank you, see you soon?
    Me: Sure
    FMAM: Oh and hey….
    Me: Yeah?
    FMAM: Next time I’d really like to see you in shorts. («dog)
    Me: Ba-bye

So, that didn’t go quite as planned.
Perhaps I need to practice.
Later in the day I noticed an ice cream man (or as I used to tell my kids, the music man) pass a group of kids who were trying to wave him down. (I guess their parents don’t know the music man trick yet) I had just gotten in my car, so I safely caught up to him, got his attention and pointed back to the kids. He gave me the thank you nod and headed back in their direction. I was thinking on the way home that this could qualify as a random act of kindness! Just as I go to give myself a pat on the back, the car next to me decides to change lanes, into my lane. After giving a quick honk, I looked over and mouthed a four letter word at him…maybe two!

So, by the time I reach home I have at least decided that my first attempt, at the gas station had taken a strange twist and didn’t really count. But chasing down the ice cream man was a random act of kindness.
Now I’m confused, did my mouthing a four letter word (or 2) to my fellow driver now cancel that out? I’m pretty much back where I started yesterday…Huh? I guess there’s always tomorrow, I’m trying!!! :roll: