I had every intention of getting Don’t Judge…There’s A Story Behind It
-part 4 up over the weekend, I really did…I was so on a roll! The weekend, however didn’t exactly go as planned.

I spent Friday in E.R. with a friend, as it turns out he was passing a kidney stone. I have all the sympathy in the world, but as a woman who gave birth to a 9 1/2 pound baby you just kinda want to shake them and say ‘Really? It’s like a 4 ounce pebble, and no…you don’t need an epidural!’ Pain is pain though and nobody likes it, so ya I was compassionate. Kinda. Friday night was a little party, then out with friends (non of which had kidney stones.)

Saturday was one of those days…situations…you would never in a million years expect to happen to you, your family or anyone you know. You just don’t. My cousin and dad were in a plane crash. Thank God both are and will be fine, it really does make you think though. You realize all those other little stressors in your life are just that, little. (Although you can probably bet, I’ll still complain about them. I know…working on that!)

Sunday was a great day spent barbecuing and swimming with friends. Good weather, good food, good grief. By 9:30 p.m. I was in E.R. I was kinda wishing I had been a little more sympathetic on Friday, because guess who took me? Ya…the kidney stone guy. I do gotta say he was very supportive and very sympathetic…probably only because a kidney stone paled in comparison to this! Seriously, something like this could only happen to me. Who else could get their thigh ‘snagged’ on a sharks dogs tooth? Told you. And not just any dog, a Pitbull. It wasn’t huge, but it was pretty (graphic pic) deep. Seven stitches and a bandage later we were out the door. He calls me a trooper, I talk smack about him on my website. That’s just wrong…

Now because it’s really hard to explain to people how you snagged your thigh on a dogs tooth, I was in search of a different story. A better one. One that made sense. A few friends saw the pictures (because I have to take pictures of everything, apparently.) and immediately said it looked like a shark bite. Hello? I do stand in the ocean taking pictures. My story was born. The following is a reenactment, some names may have been changed to protect the innocent. Note: graphic picture at about the 13 second mark. Just sayin’.

(Don’t you kinda wonder who would just happen to have pictures with those facial expressions…on hand, laying around? Scary I know…)

It was an eventful weekend. It didn’t go exactly as planned, however I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m seriously just thankful that everyone is healthy and happy, except of course…the shark.

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