First and foremost, THANK YOU for all the encouraging emails, comments, gift certificates for a lobotomy, flowers, etc….I appreciate and love you all!!!!! (yep, even you!)
A quick update, I have good, bad, great and horrible days, some days I just don’t get out of bed. It is what it is, I just have to deal with it. On a side note, my neighbors moved a few weeks ago….I didn’t like them very much anyways but what’s even better, nobody can hear me yelling at this O.C.D. demon that it’s “not going to get the best of me and to leave me alone.” At least that will buy me some time before the men in white jackets show up!
My aunt is out of I.C.U. but is still in the hospital dealing with some pretty heavy issues. Please pray, pray, pray!!! I love her so much….
Our friends that were in the car accident are recovering but have a l o n g road ahead of them. Two of the babies are now out of the hospital. Their mama not only has a broken back, her leg is also broken and she is missing a couple toes. We thank God they are just all alive. It was a single car accident, the Police believe was caused due to a combination of 70 m.p.h. winds and black ice. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as well!!! XOXO to Brittney, Brianna and babies!!!
I have a secret, but I’m not supposed to get too excited or say too much yet. Don’t tell anyone, but it has to do with my oldest son….a new job and moving back from Phoenix. Shhh, I’ll tell you more later!
Yep, she came out of the closet, my little reptilian girl, Kiwi. Been in there, in a box since October, I wish I was a turtle.


More excitement, yesterday she peed! This is a good thing….means she’s hydrated and in working order.
So, I’m really trying to learn how to use my camera. It’s easy to use in the “Basic Zone” but it’s time to advance to the, well, “Advanced Operations.” It’s capable of doing so much…I’m just waiting for that ah-ha moment, when it all just clicks!!! (no pun intended!) Yesterday, after a nice visit at the hospital with my aunt it starts snowing as I’m walking to my car, snowing cotton. Huh? Through the flurries falling before me, I manage to find the source it’s coming from. Am I that naive? Never saw anything like this…. (pics are click-able for larger view)


There were also some pretty flowers on the grounds, what better way is there to practice my “Advanced Operations,” so I experimented away…

12 —————————————– 34 —————————————– 56
———-You do realize I have many more (my apologies…humor me here folks) but I don’t want to whoa you too much in one day! Check back tomorrow… Again, thanks for all the love and support