So, I was making Deviled Eggs last night. Standing at the sink, I peel each and every one with care. Well if you happened to see my last post you know I barely have a foot left. I guess that’s not completely true…I did however put my Guardian Angel to the test this week. Anyways, after peeling about a dozen or so eggs…each and every one with care, my foot was tiring. I gently lower myself so I can rest my arms on the counter while I finish peeling the remainder of the eggs…each and every one with care. The empty cartons are to my left. I give them a quick glance. Yep, they are egg cartons alright. But something about them stands out. I’m not sure what. I’m not sure why.
Then I see it. I cannot believe my flippin’ eyes. You know, growing up it seemed as if everyone I encountered had at one time or another a dog named Heidi. Well guess what? I don’t know if this is a cruel joke, perhaps my ducks are responsible for this. Perhaps I have lost more, perhaps they feared what might happen to their feet and waddled away as fast as they could. (I will do a duck count this evening) Anyways….now not only do I share a name with half the populations pooches;
Yeah, you read that right. Who the freak names a Hen Heidi??? Could it not say Jan the Hen, Wendy the Hen, Laurie the Hen, Deanna the Hen??? I glanced at the second carton hoping to find each hen had a different name. No, apparently there is only one hen laying the eggs or the whole farm shares my name. I won’t complain too much though…it’s obviously a famous hen and besides, how bad can it be with the name, Heidi?
Bock Bock