There is a light at the end of the tunnel…I just hope it’s not an oncoming train! I have so neglected my site, but life is finally starting to slow down a bit, I hope! With that being said, I share with you another blast from the past! Originally posted February 11, 2008

So my son bought a new car a few months ago. Well, at 21 you CANNOT have a new car without G.P.S. It annoys the heck out of me. I call her Belle and she has absolutely no personality. How did we, ‘in the olden days’ ever find our way around? (barefoot in the snow)

You spend a small fortune for an emotionless voice to tell you where to go, not to mention by the time you enter all the information for Belle to process you could be half way to your destination. Part of me wants to “be hip” so I designed my own device. H.I.P. Heidi’s Ingenious Plan

It’s cheap.
It’s user friendly.
It’s portable, transfer it between your cars in seconds!


How does it work you ask?
You simply attach it (with velcro) to your dashboard facing towards you. It is at eye level, you will never lose your signal, etc…
So now you have made it to your destination but how do you find your way home?


You simply detach from the velcro, flip it upside down and WALA!
Now that’s H.I.P.