WOW! Good golly wil-a-kers….has it really been that long? I actually got an email via my website asking if I had “kicked the bucket.” I haven’t, (you can all give your sigh of relief now!) but there have been a few times I’m pretty sure I was close to it. I have had that ears, throat, nose crap that has been going around…and I just haven’t felt good. My ears have been “plugged” for two weeks now. If things don’t start looking up I will be investing in very expensive hearing aids, as my constant “huhs?” and “what did you say?” are reminding me of a good ol’ conversation with my parents… (love you mom!) There have also been some family and close friend issues that have been weighing on my mind as well. In the end I know everything will be O.K., but for now I can’t help but wonder how, what and why things happen.
So you ask, ‘Heidi, what do you do when you’re so close to kicking the bucket and also have personal issues weighing on your mind?’ Well, I’m glad you asked. Time and time again I find myself drowning in music that will give me that little pick-me-up I need, that song that gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling, that helps get you through those times!!  This by far is one of my favorites, click here to hear it!