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Part 4
When I arrived home the following day, a banner that read ‘Welcome Home Filthy’ was hanging above our front door.

I had received a phone call that afternoon while driving home from picking my youngest son up from school. I was instructed when and where we could pick up ‘our’ cat. Our efforts had not gone unnoticed, nor had our tears been cried in vain. As we drove to pick her up, we laughed, we cried and we sped (a little) (just saying’.) After I reimbursed HER for the vet bills, SHE handed me a box. As I opened it I saw a familiar black ball of fur and two big gold eyes looking at me…she was shaking uncontrollably. As my son started petting her I picked her up and held her close to my chest, she was confused and terrified. I whispered “Filthy McNasty, we’re going home.” Her whole body went limp as she clung on to me. As she lay in my son’s lap on our way home neither of us said a word, (aside from the 83 phone calls I made) because a- were just so happy to have our princess back. b- I was trying to figure out a way to explain to my bank I used the money for my car payment as cat ransom. Either way, it was a phenomenal day. Our whole silence, (aside from the 83 phone calls I made) embrace the moment thing was soon interrupted by a phone call.
“Hi Heidi, I spoke to you last week about your cat.”
“I am so sorry, I have tried everything…I have contacted everyone…there is nothing that can be done. You signed your cat over…”
Blah, blah, blah liar.
(Smirking while staring into those big gold eyes) “Well thank you for all your efforts, some things are just meant to be.”
“Yes they are, I’m sure she’ll be well taken care of.”
“I am positive of that, thank you!”
“You bet.”
See ya dude-that-has-no-clue!

It took Filthy and Rex about .04 seconds to get reacquainted and Filthy about .05 seconds to reclaim her bed.

After having to fend for herself for so long, having oral medication administer via her ears, recovering from being so sick…and surviving a kidnapping, it was clear this little girl had a will to survive. No longer did she have to worry. She was loved, had a permanent home and a family to keep her safe…kinda.

Don’t judge…there’s a story behind it.

to be continued…