I just realized I had never posted this…it is one of my first and one of my favorites.

Did you ever go to bed at night
Not wanting to see the morning light
Wondering how to ease the pain
Knowing you can’t see the sun
Through the clouds and the rain

Living in a private storm
Left betrayed and standing all alone
Words so fierce, they cut like a knife
Piercing my heart, changing my life
Waiting for the clouds to pass me by
Absorbing the pain, I held my head high

Unable to see I’d forsaken my pride
My body reacting from all held inside
Dreams…of surviving to see the rainbow
Are now visions forgotten, it was time to let go
The storm since passed revealing Blue Skies
The beauty though masked by the rain in my eyes

Sounds of thunder echo in my ears
Drowning in pain I try to cope with my fears
Surrounded by pain of heartache and gloom
In search of that rainbow so my life can resume
Existing…with hopes the rain will soon clear my eyes
So I too, can see the beauty of the sun and Blue Skies