Some days I smile…some days I cry…others, I find myself still processing the reality of it. But there has not been one day I have not thought about you, missed you or talked to you.

It was 365 days ago today I lost a piece of my heart, my aunt, one of my best friends. I have struggled these past few weeks, mindful this day was approaching. This is a text message I received to help get me through the day, I am really holding on to these words…

“O.K. Chin up She’s looking over you and it would make her smile to SEE you doing good and happy.”


Aunt Bobbie,
I miss…
your smile
your infectious giggle
your shoulder to cry on.

I miss…
your Spice Drop Cookies (I might even miss your Waldorf Salad…k, maybe not)
your unconditional love
your words of wisdom.

I miss…
the encouragement and inspiration you gave me to write. I have lost that passion
our marathon phone calls and your ability to listen as much as I talked. (You would love the barely-holds-a-charge battery I have now!!!)
our “code words” that I could never remember. (Seriously, translating ‘How do your eyes feel?’ into ‘I need help!’ could happen to anyone!)
how you forgave so easily.

I miss…
spraying “Phuket” body spray on ourselves when we were having a bad day.
you, making me laugh
making you laugh
you telling me everything would be o.k…and making me believe it.

I miss…
hearing your voice
hugging you

I miss…

I’m going to do my best today to keep my chin up. You’re looking over me…I want to make you smile…SEE…I’m doing o.k…I’m good…I’m happy. 

I love you,