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Gretchen Rossi Served by on TwitpicA little appetizer before dinner.
As reported yesterday, Gretchen Rossi was served as she arrived
at the home of fellow castmate, Peggy
Tanous. No word on what was served for
dessert. Read the full story here

More than dinner was served when Gretchen Rossi got together for a meal with her Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars last Saturday night.

As soon as Rossi arrived at the party she was served – with a lawsuit,

The suit was filed by her ex boyfriend Jay Photoglou and a source familiar with the situation said Rossi’s attorneys refused to accept service, leading Jay to have Gretchen served publicly.

It happened at the home of Peggy Tanous, the new Orange County cast member. Stars from Bravo’s reality series got together at Tanous’ home for a dinner, that was taped by the network.

“Gretchen pulled up in her car and as soon as she got out she was served with the legal papers,” a source told “She turned away and acted as if she was going to try to avoid being served. But there were two people there to serve her and she had no choice. She finally just accepted service.”

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[rev-uh-ley-shuhn]  the act of revealing or disclosing

Gretchen Rossi debuted her new hit single “Revelation” Wednesday night at the Shark Club in Costa Mesa…so all you fly mothers, get on out there and dance, dance, I said…

I have so much more to say about this and will be updating shortly, but for now I share with you the following…

Matt Coker, my new idol of O.C. Weekly does a brilliant recap of a recent interview exclusive interview Gretchen Rossi gave to’s Matt Carter.

“…she wanted to leave the program after the death her of sugar daddy fiance but couldn’t due to her contract with mean ol’ Bravo.”

I had been asked to be involved in the entertainment business since I was a little girl.
TRANSLATION: Someone suggested she strip in his club.

Looking back I would of never done the show if I knew the outcome of [fiance] Jeff and my situation. That was way too difficult to go through on national TV.
TRANSLATION: But everyone now knows my name!

When Jeff and I agreed to do the show we thought he was going to go into remission any day, unfortunately cancer has a mind of its own and took a turn for the worse. I was now under contract and unfortunately could not just walk away from my responsibilities within my contract. Jeff encouraged me to stay on and make it work because he really wanted me to succeed and pursue my other dreams.
TRANSLATION: I’m riding this golden goose into the ground.

For more translations, click here
The guy’s pretty much a genius…
Check back soon!

Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation

Orange County Court records show there has been recent movement in the case of GRETCHEN ROSSI VS. JAY PHOTOGLOU. A 24 page SLAPP Motion was filed by Photoglou on June 29th. There were an additional 449 pages filed that same day…are these related to the SLAPP motion, or are they something completely different?  Jay is represented by Bryan Freedman with Freedman & Taitelman, LLP.

California’s statute defines a SLAPP suit as: a lawsuit brought primarily to chill the valid exercise of the constitutional rights of freedom of speech and petition for the redress of grievances.
The Law Office of  James J. Moneer, who does not represent either party, has a primary emphasis in handling SLAPP motions and appeals. In The POWER of SLAPP, he explains “8 Reasons to take SLAPP very seriously.” Definitely worth the read!
Stay tuned…

Dressed in uniform, the Costa Mesa Chief of Police was seated in the front row as Jay Photoglou read the following to the Costa Mesa City Council Meeting on Tuesday night.

Jay presented the following documents before he spoke with a motion:

Original email

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The following letter from the Orange County District Attorney’s office is in response to the correspondence between Jay Photoglou’s attorney and Costa Mesa’s Chief of Police. A direct contradiction to the chief’s letter dated in December, the OCDA confirms NO information on Jay’s behalf has been sent to them by the Costa Mesa Police Department.

Original email


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