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So if you happen to read a tweet that says something to the effect of ‘OMG, who believes that crap?’ You can say ‘I do, that’s who.’

Gretchen Rossi vs Jay Photoglou

Defendant Jay Photoglou’s motion for attorney fees in connection with the anti-SLAPP motion is granted. Defendant is awarded total fees and costs of $40,799.38…. (click image to view at full size)


Here’s hoping Gretchen Rossi’s pockets are deeper than the plots on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

The litigious homemaker was ordered today to fork over another $40,799 in legal fees for the onetime beau she tried to sue for defamation but is now just suing for assault, battery and other alleged offenses…

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Watch for more details….

To be quite honest…imma little shocked. (O.K. a lotta shocked!)
According to the ENQUIRER, somebody that filmed a commercial for Turbo Tax (umm…software that helps you do your tax returns) probably should have invested a little into the product she’s endorsing. Only a few months prior to the shoot, Gretchen ‘Turbo Tax’ Rossi was ordered to pay California more than $12,000 in back taxes. (I know!)
A tax lien filed in O.C. on Sept.3rd claims Rossi failed to pay all of her taxes in 2007. (Hello? Maybe she was busy learning her lines for the commercial and FORGOT!) click to enlarge ↓

My last update noted November 19th as the upcoming “showdown.”Didn’t happen. I wonder if this, filed on 11/16/10 by Gretchen Rossi, had anything to do with it? Court has been rescheduled for December 10th.

Remember Rossi’s defamation claims against Jay Photoglou were stricken? Defamation Suit Torpedoed /Gretchen Rossi Punked By So Called Ex… (apparently, Gretchen did not produce sufficient evidence that the statements were false.) Well now she wants claims of defamation against her stricken too, gone! Think that’s going to happen? You can read Rossi’s Motion to Strike here, and Photoglou’s Opposition here.

Another upcoming court date, December 23rd. The judge will hear Jay’s motion for attorney fees. Note, this is just the money spent getting the defamation claims against him thrown out of court…1 motion!

TMZ reported earlier this week:

Gretchen Rossi’s ex hates the reality starlet so much — he’s demanding that she pay back every penny he had to spend in their nasty legal war … including parking fees, gas and even a $20 dinner…

A judge dismissed Rossi’s claims — and earlier this week, Jay filed docs in Orange County Superior Court demanding she pay for literally everything he had to go through during the case … including:
– $96.25 for parking fees
– $289 in “milage fees”
– $20.85 for a dinner meeting regarding the case
… and a mere $72,072.80 in legal fees.
All in all, Jay wants $85,864.08 for his troubles.

His troubles? I guess the judge will decide that…kinda like when he was awarded $22,375 for his attorney fees, troubles, attorney fees earlier this year after the Temporary Restraining Order Rossi filed against him was dismissed with prejudice. Stay tuned…I think justice will be served. If these numbers are accurate, someone’s going to have $85,864.08 worth of troubles!

“Truth is tough. It will not break, like a bubble, at a touch, nay, you may kick it all about all day like a football, and it will be round and full at evening.”  ~Oliver Wendell Holmes, The Professor at the Breakfast Table

After reading the first page of Jay’s Opposition to Gretchen Rossi’s Motion to Strike, my jaw literally dropped. My thoughts? Wow. Intense. Concise. Could this be true? I then read Gretchen’s Motion to Strike and found it interesting that it is based on the word privileged, it does not use the words false or not true.

The showdown is set for Friday, November 19th, 2010. Recently, Gretchen Rossi’s defamation claims against Jay Photoglou were stricken…so November 19th should prove to be very interesting!! What are your thoughts?

If you have not read Gretchen’s Motion to Strike, you can do so here.

No matter how many time you try and rearrange the numbers, 2+2 still = 4.

“Gretchen Rossi has lost yet another court battle to ex Jay Photoglou reports E! Online.

The judge struck down Gretchen’s claims of defamation, libel and portrayal in a false light after determining that her lawyers hadn’t offered up enough evidence to prove that Jay was lying about the two of them being in a romantic relationship while she was engaged to Jeff Beitzel, who died of cancer in 2008…..”
Reality Tea has full story here!

Apparently, Gretchen did not produce sufficient evidence that the statements were false. Umm, imagine that!

I suddenly have the urge to go get a Bobble Head. Strange.

“The Real Housewives of Orange County” star Gretchen Rossi just took a big hit in court — TMZ has learned her defamation allegations against ex boyfriend Jay Photoglou were just tossed out.

Gretchen had  filed a lawsuit against Jay earlier this year alleging he slandered her to the media by claiming her relationship with, now deceased, Jeff Beitzel was staged for the show — and that  it was actually Jay who was Gretchen’s boyfriend during the entire taping.

The case was heard in an OC court this afternoon … and the judge dismissed 3 huge causes — ruling that Jay is off the hook for slander, defamation, and false light…”

Read TMZ‘s full story here.

In other news, it has been reported Slade Smiley has had a reverse vasectomy done and is now officically engaged to be Mr Rossi to Gretchen. The ring is said to be a yellow diamond…rent-a-rock. Now that’s l-o-v-e! Awww…

MOTION FOR SLAPP 10/21/2010 02:00

Jay’s motion to strike:
Cause of action for slander- GRANTED
Cause of action for defamation- GRANTED
Cause of action for false light- GRANTED

Watch for updates!
Edited at 6:00 p.m.

“The Real Housewives of Orange County blonde lost a few of the legal legs she was standing on Thursday when a judge dismissed the meat of her defamation lawsuit against self-proclaimed ex-boyfriend Jay Photoglou.
For starters, the defamation part is out.

“Yes!” Photoglou exclaimed as he left the courtroom and gave his attorney a hug. (No official comment was forthcoming, however.)

The judge struck down Rossi’s claims of defamation, libel and portrayal in a false light after determining that her camp hadn’t offered up enough evidence to prove Photoglou was lying about the two of them being in a romantic relationship while she was engaged to Jeff Beitzel, who died of cancer in 2008.”

Full story at E! online

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