My Poems

I’d given up on all my dreams
Exhausted all my obvious means
The light in the tunnel seemed so far away
Slipped further and further from me day by day
I’d reached the bottom, no matter how hard I tried
I failed again…I thought as I cried

I then saw a light shining through
Beyond these tears I saw it was you
Had a prayer been answered from up above
Surrounding me now was the gift of love

You took my hand, you held it tight
You promised to stand by me
Through this lonely fight
Integrity wounded, emotions unclear
Do I take your hand…where do I go from here
Overcome with love I began to feel
Never felt a love so genuine…so real

You shared with me of days gone by
How you once like me sat alone and cried
Pride weighing me down as I try to stand
I put it aside to take your hand
I reached out to you, you held me tight
You lifted my soul, you showed me the light

Though the tunnel, still full of stumbling stones
You let me know I wasn’t alone
You renewed my faith, you saw that need
Now I continue my journey
Knowing I will succeed

The light I know may sometimes dim
I may fall down time and time again
But I’ll stand up strong until I reach the end

When I look back at what I’ve been through
I’ll remember your strength, I’ll remember your love
I’ll remember I made it because of you


A little girl inside your womb
You nourished me with love
More than a child in you eyes
A gift from up above

From that first breath I took
You sheltered me from harm
Embracing this little girl
In your loving arms

It wasnt always easy
You gave it all you had
Taking on the role of both my mom and dad

It was you who wiped away the tears
In the darkest of the night
Comforting me of all my fears
And holding me so tight

It was you who held me close to you
When I could not walk alone
Giving me the courage to
Try it on my own

From skinned up knees to broken dreams
It was you who was always there
Reassuring my insecurities
That someone will always care

You taught me of lifes ups and downs
Of knowing right from wrong
No matter how tough life can be
To stand up and be strong

No longer am I a little girl
Ive had to make it on my own
No matter what life holds for me
Youre there for me I know

Of all the things you’ve taught me
One thing will always hold true
The greatest gift I can give my boys


This world in which I exist
has simply gone insane

My each and every waking hour
consumed by tears and pain

I’ve given all that I can give
there’s nothing left inside

No hopes and dreams of better days
no dignity or pride

How can you expect me to carry on
to hold my head up high

When the only way to ease such pain
is to close my eyes and die

This poem was published in the
2006 International Book of Poetry!!


You gaze into my broken world
Through your perfect eyes
Forsaking my dignity
To validate the lies

You pry into my weakened mind
And reach into my heart
Manipulating my inner being
Tearing it apart…

Enlightening me with wisdom
You’ve gathered through the years
The heartaches that you’ve endured
As if our lives were mirrored

You knew the pain I had felt
You had been there too
Reminding me life’s tragedies
Always found their way to you

I looked to you, my flesh and bone
To help me find the way
Wounded in this broken world
I could not bear another day

You saw the pieces fall apart
My world came crumbling down
Trying to stand on my own two feet
You pushed me to the ground

Where is the strength you posses
The wisdom that you implied
Your eyes are not so perfect
Blinded by the lies

You pry into my weakened mind
And reach into my heart
Manipulating my inner being
Tearing us apart….


The cold dark night my only friend
Have I finally reached the end
I close my weary eyes and pray
Lord, how can I face another day

A demon only I can see
Living deep inside of me
Depriving me of feeling whole
It took my life, it took control

The laughter that once filled my days
Now clouded by an emotional haze
The sun no longer shines above
To see tomorrow, I’ll need your love

Time moves slowly to heal this pain
My life will never be the same
You’ll never know just how i feel
Only these tears I wipe away…are real

In this world of uncertainty
Ashamed of who I’ve come to be
One by one they’ve walked away
My only hope is if you stay

Exhausted from this lonley fight
I sit alone in the cold dark night
I close my weary eyes and pray
Lord, I cannot face another day


How could she be so naive
She wanted so. . . .to believe
You picked her up when she was down
A hero was this man she found

Time moves slowly to heal her pain
Will she ever be the same
A future full of hopes and dreams
Now, ripped apart at the seams

Where is the girl you once new
Why isn’t she lying next to you
Do you know it hurts her too
How she longs to be next to you

In a world of uncertainty
Who is this girl she’s come to be
You heard her whisper to God above
Please. . .don’t let him give up on our love

The pain is written in your eyes
Reflecting on your perfect lives
Reaching out, you take my hand
Hoping. . .I will understand
Your voice grows weak as you whisper good night
How you wish it was her holding you tight




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